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Hair Restoration


Platelet Rich Plasma for hair restoration is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.

The PRP hair restoration protocols have been chosen based on known hair growth science. For example,
we wait between injection treatments to allow a visible response in the time we would expect newly stimulated hairs to appear on the surface, approximately two months. We inject PRP on day one, repeat in approximately two months, then again after another 4-6 months. We can focus on the frontal and central scalp only, or inject the entire scalp. The limiting factor is the amount of PRP we draw and have available to use.

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Many biological and laboratory-made fillers are in cosmetic use to add fullness, elasticity, and to accentuate
desired features like lips. Fat transferred/transplanted from non-facial areas is also in use. Now, cosmetic
dermatologists are using a patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma, and injecting it into deeper facial structures for
the same cosmetic purposes.