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Skin Medica Rejuvenize Chemical Peel

Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. See noticeable improvement after just one peel and compelling results after three to six peels. Appropriate for moderate to severe skin imperfections.

Skin Medica Vitalize Chemical Peel

Helps fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults. It is a superficial peel that requires little to no downtime. This special formulation includes a unique blend of peeling agents: alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, resorcinol, and retinoic acid. This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off the look aging skin.

Skin Medica Illuminize Chemical Peel

Helps provide vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. Consult with your physician. Appropriate for mild skin imperfections.