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Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can happen to anyone at any time. Almost everyone experiences getting a rash in their lifetime. While they are extremely common, rashes vary in appearance, causes and symptoms from person to person. Many times, a rash will disappear on its own or with home treatment. However, at times a rash will worsen and medical attention is required.

Causes: A rash can be caused by a number of different causes and is usually a sign of skin irritation. A rash can be a sign of an allergic reaction or a rash may appear when skin comes into contact with a specific substance or material, such as a poisonous plant, harsh chemicals, soaps, lotions, jewelry (metals) or latex. Insects or parasites can also cause rashes, as well as prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. Certain medicines can also trigger a rash. A rash also may be a sign of a viral infection, chronic skin problem, or a more serious disease.

Symptoms: Depending on the person, a rash can vary in appearance and have different symptoms. A rash may appear red, swollen, cracked, dry, bumpy, or blistered. It may cause itchiness or feel warm to the touch. If you are experiences a rash that is accompanied with other symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a fever, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Basic Formula for recovery/healing/improvement: Since the causes and symptoms of rashes can be extremely different, there are many different methods of treatment, including over-the-counter and prescription medication (oral or topical). If the doctor suspects that the rash has been caused by an allergic reaction, additional testing may be necessary.

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